Recommend a treatment that can:1,5

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  • Shorten symptom duration

  • Help prevent the virus from entering cells and inhibit the virus from infecting healthy skin cells

  • Shorten healing time

What your patients should know:

For best results,
cold sore treatments, including abreva®, should be applied
at the first tingle and continued until the lesion is healed.5,9,10Abreva Medicated Cold Sore Treatment Cream in two gram pump.

Proven to shorten
healing to as little
as 4.1 days*5

* abreva was studied in two pivotal, clinic-initiated, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre trials for the treatment of recurrent oral-facial herpes simplex labialis. Otherwise healthy adults were randomized to either abreva (docosanol) or placebo treatments. Therapy was initiated at the beginning of an episode before the development of a papule or blister. The study cream was applied topically 5 times/day until healing occurred or for a maximum of 10 days. Median healing time was 4.1 days vs. 4.8 days with placebo.5