Smiling young woman who would use Abreva again.

There is a reason
why 8 out of 10
Canadians who try
Abreva would use
it again.

Does Abreva Work?

Abreva contains docosanol, real medicine that is clinically proven to shorten the duration of the cold sore and shorten the duration of the symptoms associated with cold sores. It helps reduce the duration of burning, itching, tingling, and pain so you can get back to living your life.

Abreva works best if you start treatment at the first sign of a cold sore or fever blister outbreak – when you feel that tingling sensation and continue applying it as directed five times per day until the cold sore is healed up to a maximum of 10 days. The sooner you catch it, the better your chances for speeding cold sore healing.

Abreva is Canada’s #1 Pharmacist recommended OTC cold sore remedy.

Abreva now comes in a pump and a tube, so you are ready to treat
at the first tingle.

Abreva Pump

The Abreva pump is slim, trim, durable and portable! It’s a clean, easy application for busy people on the go. Slip it into your pocket so it’s within reach at that first tingle.

Package of Abreva Medicated Cold Sore Treatment Cream in two gram pump
Package of Abreva Medicated Cold Sore Treatment Cream in two gram original tube.

Abreva Original Tube

The compact, convenient Abreva tube is designed to keep a low profile in the medicine cabinet. And small enough to take along in a purse, briefcase or car. Keep one at home and carry another with you just in case.